Wood Immitation Film Transfer Ovens

The transfer machine is designed for wood or marble immitation film transfer applications to an aluminum profile surfaces and sheets.

Base powder coated and bagged with film aluminum profiles are put onto the carrier and mounted to the special vacuum nozzles at two sides of the trolley. Using the vacuum valve, air is sucked from inside of bags to maintain touching of the film to the profile surfaces. All of the profiles are vacuumed by the same way and after finishing, by pressing Start button the carrier goes into the oven.

The vacuum pump works constantly during the carrier is into the oven to provide maximum efficiency in the transfer.

At the end of curing period, carrier automatically comes out of the oven. Compressed air system starts working and blows an air into the bags in order to provide un-sticking the film from the profile surfaces.

The system is working fully PLC controlled and all parameters can be adjusted easily from the touch screen located on the control panel.